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When your lipstick is your best accessory

"Here's an amazing long lasting lipstick formula that becomes your necklace; so, you don't have to fish for it for the next touch up - simply uncap & swipe!”

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How an investment banker turned into a beauty czarina

"Nikki Oden about her journey, building three successful beauty brands & offering unique, refillable, & wearable lipsticks.”

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Beauty Czarina Nikki Oden talks about her journey

Nikki Oden's amazing journey from being an investment banker to launching ElevenSkin, Hickey Lipstick, and Foot Rescue and offering unique products to women on the go.

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A lipstick that doubles up as an accessory, keeping you from digging for your lipstick!

From its long-lasting formula to the matte black case, everything about this wearable lipstick is unique.

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Nikki’s on-the-go lipstick is the latest buzz

Hickey Lipstick presents the first-ever lipstick-on-a-necklace which suits multiple skin tones. It comes in a studded case of various colors and the lid can be changed for a new look every time you wish to wear it.

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First-ever wearable, refillable and interchangeable lipstick to glam up your neckline

Hickey's patent pending on-the-go lipstick changes the way you wear your lipstick. The long lasting pigments are unique, refillable, customizable lipstick case can also accompany your favorite chain or necklace when you are on the move.

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